Beast Mode

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Can I see some real buy points?

Has someone already tested a stock pattern and buy signal?

Can they share this with me?

We tested a specific stock pattern with the help of 65 traders over the span of a year.

They gave us daily results, asked questions, made requests to research other factors and asked to screen record real buy points. We had a LOT of fun.

We gathered people for seminars and coached people one-on-one to isolate and document the rules of this one ticker’s pattern.

To be very thorough we built an app to see three years into the past with one-second graphs (this was not cheap) and studied the pattern’s behavior from 2018 onwards. This validated the pattern’s sturdiness and longevity (yes it has been there for over three years) and helped us optimize the formula for the buy point.

We finally curated these data into a 55-lesson completed course of its own called Beast Mode. It’s about 9 hours of content, most of which is actual LIVE graphs of buy signals, SHOWING the 20-Minute Trader® system in action.

The results have been unbelievable. We’ve named it Beast Mode. And its simple. Even simpler than trying to DIY it.


55 Videos

8.5 hours of content

Story of pattern discovery

Stock Market overview

The Secret Pattern revealed

Definitions of basic terms

Detailed walkthrough of brokerage

Options defined

Graphing platform walkthrough

21 live demonstrations

Keeping a journal

Rules and guidelines

Q and A

Redefining options

Final words

Beast Mode Class

What do I get with the Beast Mode class?

People want to see the buy signals. They want to see examples of the real thing. Beast Mode has 3.5 hours of real-time screen captures of buy signals.

I grabbed some of the most successful of these 65 traders and asked them to help me with customer support! Why not get guidance from the real deal? What if you could have a successful Beast Mode trader hold your hand through the learning process?

A) 55 Video Lessons

B) Premium Customer Support

C) Live Demonstrations of Buy Signals

Like I said, hundreds of people who've done the Master Class have discovered their own ticker, created a strategy and done very well. Hundreds of others earnestly asked me for a ticker I've tested and the specifics on the buy signals for that one stock and the general formulas of that stock’s pattern character and behavior.

And it’s finally here.

How Much is it?


Limited Time Sale Price $299

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“I paid back the price of this course in one morning.”

(Real Student)

“The 20 Minute Trader courses absolutely changed our family’s lives! I’m beyond grateful! This changed everything for us!

Prior to this course, I had zero experience with the stock market. After going through the course, practicing ‘paper trading’ for a week, I was then able to generate $8,613.46 in profit… in my first nine days of trading! How to do this is broken down step by step by Jeremy in easy to follow short-videos. I’m now earning between 3%-19.1% trading everyday! I’m usually only holding a trade for 2-5 minutes!

Everyday now when my wife wakes up, I show her on my phone how much I’ve already made before the day has even begun! What a great way to start the day! I’m now able to do what I want to do with my entire day! I used to stare at a computer screen for 8-10 hours a day trying to build a marketing agency. Now, I have more time for my family, more time to surf and live a healthy fit lifestyle with less stress and a whole lot more financial confidence!

I now earn enough to pay all of our bills in less than one week! Now, I can compound our profits and grow this income to new levels each and every week! Thank you Jeremy and the team over at The 20-Minute Trader!

You helped set us FREE!”

(Yep, Real Students)

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