20-Minute Trader®

Education on trading predictable patterns for the first 20 minutes of the day.

20-Minute Trader®

Trading predictable patterns for the first 20 minutes of the day.

The 20-Minute Trader® courses and classes teach how to discover a pattern in the stock market, in which some stock prices fall and rise daily at around the same time and over the span of only a few minutes. We give a clear overview of the Stock Market, what Call Options are and how they work, charts and brokerages, and how one can spend only twenty minutes per day on their trades.

Our focus is detailed instruction with no confusing language and no questions unanswered, designed for the total beginner or experienced trader, with premium customer support.

These courses give a simple and fun understanding of the stock market and show how an exact predictable daily pattern can be discovered and traded. We also include training on what stock options are (a confusing subject made easy).

Welcome to the 20-Minute Trader® family!

The 20-Minute Trader® Classes

The 20-Minute Trader Strategy in 16 minutes

Free Intro Course

  • The Full Strategy

  • Discover Short Patterns You Can Predict

  • Take Advantage Of Predictable Patterns

  • Tips for Success

  • Full Access to Customer Service Professionals

Discover Your Own Pattern

Master Class

  • 3.5 Hours of Video Content

  • Stock Market for Dummies

  • Call Options for Dummies

  • How to Set Up Charts

  • Using a Brokerage Account

  • Choosing a Stock and Finding a Pattern

  • Paper Trading

  • Premium Customer Support

  • Avoiding Catastrophe

  • Top Tips

Purchase a Tested and Proven Pattern

Beast Mode

  • 55 Videos - 8.5 Hours of Content

  • Story of Pattern Discovery

  • The Secret Pattern Revealed

  • Definitions of Basic Terms

  • Detailed Walkthrough of Brokerage

  • 21 Live Demonstrations of Patterns

  • Keeping a Trading Journal

  • Rules and Guidelines

  • Q&A

Advanced Techniques

God Mode

  • Work with Jeremy and Top Players

  • Become a Doctor of 20-Minute Trading

  • Cutting-Edge Daily Guidance

  • Concierge Support

Many students of this system never traded before and yet many were able to develop strategies in a short period of time that resulted in trading confidence. Our focus is detailed instruction with no confusing language and no questions unanswered, along with premium customer support.

These courses give a simple and fun understanding of the stock market and show how an exact predictable daily pattern can be discovered and traded. We also include training on what stock options are (a confusing subject made easy).

Welcome to the 20-Minute Trader® family!

Jeremy Describes The System

Want to see Jeremy's actual results? Check out his real trades here.

Free Intro Course


Learn the full 20-Minute Trader® method of finding predictable short-term patterns and monetizing them.

Our team came up with a strategy that helps not only pro traders, but also the newbies who want to learn to trade confidently for only short periods of time.

This enables them to then get on with their day, without having to keep watching stocks, stress out, follow charts and navigate confusing symbols for hours.

Predictable Trading Bundle


One of my most insane offers yet and so good that there is not enough room to describe the amount of value here. Click below to find out everything included!

Elite Trading Club


Gain the ultimate trading advantage with
unlimited 20-Minute Trading 1-on-1 coaching. My experienced and friendly coaches are here to personally guide you, and provide you a high-level of ongoing support through individual virtual sessions!

Imagine having 1-on-1 coaching tailored specifically to your needs, fast-tracking your trading journey. With my premium VIP support, you'll hit the ground running and achieve remarkable confidence from day one.

Plus, you'll gain access to the exclusive group of fellow 20-Minute Traders part of the Elite Trading Club. This is were we all hangout, have fun but also support each other and share our best secrets!

Secret Pattern Masterclass


We tested a specific stock pattern with the help of 65 traders over the span of a year.

They gave us daily results, asked questions, made requests to research other factors and asked to screen record real buy points.

We gathered people for seminars with a lot of one-on-one to isolate and document the rules of this one ticker’s pattern.

To be very thorough we built an app to see three years into the past with one-second graphs (massive project) and studied the pattern’s behavior from 2018 onwards. This validated the pattern’s sturdiness and longevity (yes it has been there for over 5 years) and helped us optimize the formula for the buy point.

We finally curated these data into a 55-lesson complete course of its own called Secret Pattern Masterclass. It’s about 9 hours of content, most of which is actual LIVE graphs of buy signals, SHOWING the 20-Minute Trader® system in action.

Bulletproof Strategy


This stand-alone course is one-of-a-kind. No matter what strategy you do, this course will give you the tools to become resistant to big losses, and is perhaps the most important element to long terms success for any trading method.

Master Class

Over 3 hours of detailed video lessons.

If you want to learn what successful 20-Minute Traders® do then the Master Class is for you. This course uses simple, understandable language to break down every detail of the 20-Minute Trader® techniques. It provides live examples and graphic demonstrations while walking the student through every button pushed, defining every term and symbol used and repeating key principles for success.

Twenty-six Master Class lessons teach and show precisely how pattern discovery is done and how options trading has been used to leverage smaller amounts of money than traditional stock trading. You will be set up on easy-to-read graphs and taught how to use them. These lessons walk you through establishing a brokerage account and define the elements along the way in simple language.

God Mode


Most advanced and cutting edge 20-Minute Trader® techniques, with the intention of invincibility and total success.

Trident Bundle


Then $197/mo

Our most powerful offer yet, the Trident Bundle provides a complete package with a strategy, a proven pattern, full support and a loss prevention strategy.

All at our most discounted rate ever.


Contact For Pricing

A fully automated software replicating the God Mode strategy.

Free Forex Course


Learn the full 20-Minute Trader® method of trading in the Foreign Exchange market, with the goal of finding predictable short-term patterns and monetizing them.

This is designed for both professionals and newcomers who want to learn to trade confidently for only short periods of time.

Forex Launchpad


The full strategy laid out, not just a description of the 20-Minute Trader approach to FOREX TRADING, but details on the brokerage, the chart setup, the strategy in full, so that you are armed and ready for action.

Forex Masterclass


Allow us to do all the hard work for you when it comes to figuring out the best Forex pair, the best settings and indicators and the most researched way to accurately predict Forex chart movements.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you don't love our courses then simply ask for your money back in the first 30 days!

30 day money back guarantee does not include God Mode, Hands-Free Trading or jBot.

What Makes Us Different

Our technique takes hours to learn, minutes to trade and is completely unique.

If you made it this far, you probably have looked around and found courses that cost thousands of dollars and require advanced software. If you are new to trading, confusing symbols and tactics may have seemed daunting, requiring countless hours of study to learn it all. Time which you don't have.

You don't have to sit there all day and study for months to learn it. And you don't have to guess or be confused. You will learn our exact method and will even be able to test it on a demo account until you are confident it works!

We wanted to provide a course that a trader of any skill could take to learn our method of finding patterns in the stock market and how to trade them. A method that we have been happily using for years.

And most of all we wanted to make these courses fun, affordable and easy to understand!


From time to 20-Minute Trader® submits to its clientele surveys regarding their experience with various offers. 20-Minute Trader® emails every purchaser of each of its offers, and asks them to participate in a survey related to the products and/or services they have purchased. The surveys are conducted with a view toward determining the average or “typical” results of a purchaser of the products and/or services that 20-Minute Trader® offers.

Not all customers respond to the surveys. Even among those customers who do respond to 20-Minute Trader® survey requests, such customers may not respond to every question.

The results of the most recent survey conducted in March, 2024 are summarized below. Please note that numbers are rounded to the nearest whole number percentage. In this case, 278 customers responded to the survey, and not all customers completed the full survey. The customers who responded to the survey include active and former members of programs offered between January, 2021 and March, 2024.

97% (270/278) of customers responding to the survey say that the 20-Minute Trader® Courses are helpful.

93% (260/278) of customers responding to the survey say that Customer Service provided by the 20-Minute Trader® was helpful.

21% (58/278) of customers responded that the customer service provided was the best they’ve ever received.

71% (80/278) of customers responding to the survey say that, since subscribing to 20-Minute Trader® Systems, have made money in real trading outcomes.

29% (33/278) say they have lost money in real trading since using the 20-Minute Trader® system.

41% (32/78) of customers responding to the survey who say that they’ve made money since using the 20-Minute Trader® system have made more than $500.

20% (6/29) of customers responding to the survey who say that they’ve made more than $500 since using the 20-Minute Trader® system have made more than $10,000.

94% (75/80) of customers responding to the survey who say that they’ve made money since using the 20-Minute Trader® system describe themselves as being ‘amateurs or beginners’ before trading using the 20-Minute Trader® System.

6% (5/80) describe themselves as being ‘experts’ before trading using the 20-Minute Trader® System.

55% (71/127) of customers responding to the survey who would describe themselves as ‘amateurs or beginners’ before using the 20-Minute Trader® System, say they had ‘zero’ prior experience trading.

Results not typical. For typical results see Typical Results page.

Course Benefits

World Class Customer Support - We take pride in our customer support, ensuring you get the help you need. You will be guided by people who have traveled the same journey you are on. Simply contact us through our Contact Page or fill out a web chat at any time!

Understandable Classes - Learning to trade can be confusing. But having classes designed by educators with decades of experience ensures you get the data in an easy, understandable way.

Affordable - Our courses are designed to be accessible to anyone. We want to help hard-working people of any industry learn how they can get the same edge in the stock market as we have had.

Great For Advanced Traders - The courses are also designed for advanced traders looking to learn new or additional skills. All advanced traders thus far have said they never learned this technique anywhere else!

About Us

Meet Jeremy Russell, founder of 20-Minute Trader®. Having discovered this system and taught others to be successful with it, his goal is to empower you with this knowledge.

Having spent over two decades as an educator, a lecturer, and a one-on-one coach, Jeremy has dedicated his life to teaching others in a simple and understandable way, to achieve comprehension and competence.

All instructors involved have been thoroughly trained on the system. You are in good hands.

Trading is risky, and most day traders lose money. Read our full disclaimer.

Day-Trading Risk Disclosure Statement

(From FINRA)

You should consider the following points before engaging in a day-trading strategy. For purposes of this notice, a "day-trading strategy" means an overall trading strategy characterized by the regular transmission by a customer of intra-day orders to effect both purchase and sale transactions in the same security or securities.

Day trading can be extremely risky. Day trading generally is not appropriate for someone of limited resources and limited investment or trading experience and low risk tolerance. You should be prepared to lose all of the funds that you use for day trading. In particular, you should not fund day-trading activities with retirement savings, student loans, second mortgages, emergency funds, funds set aside for purposes such as education or home ownership, or funds required to meet your living expenses. Further, certain evidence indicates that an investment of less than $50,000 will significantly impair the ability of a day trader to make a profit. Of course, an investment of $50,000 or more will in no way guarantee success.

Be cautious of claims of large profits from day trading. You should be wary of advertisements or other statements that emphasize the potential for large profits in day trading. Day trading can also lead to large and immediate financial losses.

Day trading requires knowledge of securities markets. Day trading requires in-depth knowledge of the securities markets and trading techniques and strategies. In attempting to profit through day trading, you must compete with professional, licensed traders employed by securities firms. You should have appropriate experience before engaging in day trading.

Day trading requires knowledge of a firm's operations. You should be familiar with a securities firm's business practices, including the operation of the firm's order execution systems and procedures. Under certain market conditions, you may find it difficult or impossible to liquidate a position quickly at a reasonable price. This can occur, for example, when the market for a stock suddenly drops, or if trading is halted due to recent news events or unusual trading activity. The more volatile a stock is, the greater the likelihood that problems may be encountered in executing a transaction. In addition to normal market risks, you may experience losses due to system failures.

Day trading will generate substantial commissions, even if the per trade cost is low. Day trading involves aggressive trading, and generally you will pay commissions on each trade. The total daily commissions that you pay on your trades will add to your losses or significantly reduce your earnings. For instance, assuming that a trade costs $16 and an average of 29 transactions are conducted per day, an investor would need to generate an annual profit of $111,360 just to cover commission expenses.

Day trading on margin or short selling may result in losses beyond your initial investment. When you day trade with funds borrowed from a firm or someone else, you can lose more than the funds you originally placed at risk. A decline in the value of the securities that are purchased may require you to provide additional funds to the firm to avoid the forced sale of those securities or other securities in your account. Short selling as part of your day-trading strategy also may lead to extraordinary losses, because you may have to purchase a stock at a very high price in order to cover a short position.


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