"This is the best, most affordable, and sane trading video course I have ever watched!

This will allow even a child to understand options and gain confidence that it is possible and learn how! I am very glad I learned this and can apply it."

(Real 20-Minute Trader® Graduate)

20-Minute Trader®

Master Class $99



What is In It?





GRAPHS ORIENTATION. Okay, okay…for dummies.

OVERPAID CHAT-BOX COACHES… Yeah, we beefed up the premium customer service with real people trained on the 20-Minute Trader® system. Just hit the chat box and get ACTUAL expert assistance.



What makes this unique?

There’s REALLY no course even similar. Not even close. This system is based on no existing methods, only on one teacher stumbling across a hack, perfecting it, instructing hundreds of others who nailed it themselves. And then recording it for others.

You won’t be learning about deltas and candles and … other things dummies don’t want anything to do with.

Snobs like us want our meals on a silver platter.

"Don’t make me raise hens and chop wood! I’m a snob!"

Plus, it’s…49 bucks…with a money back guarantee.

You can try it. If you don’t like it, what’s to lose?

Do I really need this?

No. Aren’t you listening? It’s a service that’s available if you want it. No presh.

Do people do well with this?

Check some testimonials.

What will I get on the course? Well we put the whole curriculum right over there ⬅️ so you can see for yourself!

Nick's Testimonial


Juan's Testimonial

Business Consultant

You will see all the steps of the 20-Minute Trader® System in action.

What's Included With The Master Class?

The Best Tutorial on Call Options

$39 Included For FREE

Call Options are abstract. Everyone tries to use analogies to explain them. Some take weeks to really get it. Want the easy approach?

The Best Tutorial on Call Options is included in the Master Class for FREE.

Graph Analysis for Pattern Spotters

$39 Included for FREE

The full pattern spotters course is included in the Master Class for FREE.

Pro Tip Guide to Setting Up Your Account

$19 Included for FREE

All the settings, all the buttons to push, spelled out, made easy... for dummies and snobs.

FREE in the Master Class.

“This is the most genius hack in stocks in years”

– CEO of Options Trading 20 LLC

Trade confidently no matter the market conditions while keeping your money safe…in and out of the market in minutes.

The 20-Minute Trader® is a revolutionary new way to get an edge in the Stock Market. Unlike anything else, it uses predictable patterns and the trades last only minutes…or seconds.

Once done, the 20-Minute Trader’s full account is uninvested, 100% safe from Market Crashes. Typical amount of time from Buy to Sell on a trade is less than 5 minutes.

The 20-Minute Trader® uses Call Options, an abstract financial instrument that is MADE EASY TO UNDERSTAND in the 20-Minute Trader® Master Class. Its success depends on being more right than wrong on pattern predictions … And it delivers.

The class teaches you how to isolate a motion in a stock, in which the share price drops and rises, like in the shape of a U, or a J. The 20-minute Trader® finds the indicator that signals the jump after the drop. If one can do this, buying low and selling higher becomes a cinch.

With Call Options, the share price need only rise by cents to make significant profits (or losses), and there-in lies the hack.

What's The Catch?

Snobs were banging down Jeremy’s door and blowing up his phone for the details. He finally conceded to throw these details down on this Master Class Course. No catch. Just primo service for the high-maintenance customers (lots of high-maintenance things are high quality, btw. Think of exotic cars, right?)

Also…there’s a money back guarantee…so…yeah. Can’t really argue that there is a “catch” at that point.

Who Is Jeremy Russell?

An expert at making complicated things easy, he started the 20-Minute Trader® program in 2019 by accident, discovering a repeating and predictable pattern in the stock market. He couldn’t resist telling his friends. They loved it, word spread, he found himself spending a lot of his time teaching others this method.

He has since become the world’s expert on 20-Minute Trader® options strategy, helping people confidently perform options trades in the first twenty minutes of the market open.

He is now the CEO of three companies that are increasing in value every several months as this field gains popularity.

His methods work in providing the confidence and the edge that people want in today’s shark-infested stock market waters.

He lives in LA with his wife and son, and is otherwise a business consultant, pencil artist, and novel writer.

His goal is help. That’s why the super detailed instruction for so little. That’s why the expensive Premium Customer Service. That’s why he’s accessible.

Break It Down

Due to the success of this system, Jeremy has been fielding requests for more research, more patterns, more courses.

Some even tried to make this method exclusive, denying the retail investors like you. We didn’t go for it.

"If people failed at it, what were some of the reasons?"

Funnily enough the most common reason was not setting up the day correctly. Especially on the West Coast, many don’t like to be up and out of bed at 6:30AM, but that’s when the method is done, at market open. For East Coasters it’s been less of a problem, unless they are expected at work at 9AM, since the Market opens at 9:30 EST. Trying to do this at work has proven less successful…it's also kind of unfair to other employees, or the boss, paying you to work and you are there trading…looking over your shoulder. 👀

Believe it or not, these have been the main issues.

There’s also the fact that the Stock Market can be a hypnotic machine that lures people into altering their disciplines. (see below)

Don't Be A Dupe Or A Zombie

The stock market can have a hypnotic effect on its players, inescapable unless immunized. 💉💉 The stock market will cause one's own personal observation and judgment to believe that there are better ways than “following the rules.”

100% of my trader friends have experienced the following sequence:

They buy something, it goes down so they bail per the rules. Immediately after, the stock goes up vertical enough to look like a middle finger... meaning they would not have lost any money if they held on and didn't sell.

This happens repeatedly.

One day the trader says, “I'm going to hang in there and not sell it off when it’s down.” Even though the rule says they should so as to cut their losses.

This works splendidly, and the trader realizes that he or she doesn't have to lose money by bailing when it drops anymore. “F#*% the rules,” they say.

This works again, reaffirming the conclusion.

Several more wins make the trader feel invincible, who is by now compounding his or her investment with their winnings. Strutting. This feeling is euphoric…and is the anesthesia before the amputation they are about to experience.

On the very day they feel extra bold and put in a lot more, the stock crashes. Supported by the new conclusion that “bailing is unnecessary,” the cocky trader holds and hopes. The stock plunges into to the Mariana Trench (the deepest part of the ocean).

The trader loses 90% of their account value, often by trying to throw in more money at lower points to recover some of the losses, hoping for a rebound…that doesn’t show up. 📉📉📉📉

How Do I Protect Myself From This?

We cover this. Not to leave you hanging, but we do address this and try to immunize you from it. Do the course and find out how not to fatten yourself up like a pig, only to be selected for slaughter... for bacon.


Want Some "Beginner's Luck"?

Being told this by older traders is an almost guaranteed part of becoming a 20-Minute Trader® at this point. Must be frustrating to be chipping away at the stock market for a couple decades only to have some new guy study 20-Minute Trader® for a day, and trade more confidently than you.


Simplicity. Good easy explanations. Illustrations.

Seriously though, check out the other systems. Many are INCREDIBLE. Really awesome trading academies exist that can thoroughly educate you for the expedition into the violent seas of the hungry Stock Market ocean, with many hours of training, learning the hundreds of symbols and strategies out there.

They give you many tools. We give just the very tools you need for this hack. They give you education into dozens of different things. We don’t. We give the expertise you need to use this one strategy.

They give you dozens of hours of content. We don’t. Ours is condensed into 3.5 hours. They give you piles of symbols and words to learn. We give you a few.

If you’re the person looking for a well-rounded, thorough education in the stock market, then go to an academy. If you’re looking for a fun way to get in there and gain confidence, spending only 20 minutes of your day? Well…then here we are…this is it. This is your jam.

The majority of our students are beginners. But a great number of seasoned traders have put this tool in their toolbelt and done great with it.

I love when my beginners kill it! Outdoing their seasoned veteran associates…who always say, “beginner’s luck!” with a scowl.

Customer Service Ballers

We turned down many applications for our customer service department. Why?

Yeah…it’s “bad business” not to hire less expensive people.

Fancy business people told us to outsource it to untrained folks. Save money. Uh….Yeah…..no.

Caring about people, their ability to apply the methods learned, their understanding of the principles. This the foundation of our team. CARE.

Research Team

We have software teams, beta testers, super geeks, experimental groups doing nonstop R & D, so we can optimize the $H1T out of our strategies. We update and revise the courses as the market changes and presents new obstacles and new data. And you’ll have access to these whenever they occur.

We don’t just sit in our pools and drive our lambos. We are on our toes. Never missing a beat.

Sign Up Today And Get:







COST: $49

How long until I can start with the method?

One day at least. Usually a few though.

3.5 hours of video training. That’s all.

Why Are You Doing This?

We’re sick of seeing our friends in piles of debt, slogging on the job and never getting the edge that full time traders have. It’s really not fair. Here you are providing goods and services the community needs, and your compensation doesn’t give you the life you want. Yeah, you can stick it in a 7% mutual fund. That’s safe and fair. But if you want to play ball and try your hand at something exciting, without dedicating your full life to it, 20-Minute Trader® is for you.

“My friend made SO MUCH money on the stock market!!!” Envy. Self-loathe. Jealousy. That’s what we think when we hear that stuff. And there is it, the stock market, available to everyone. Capable of great returns, and great losses. Exhausting even thinking about all the stuff we need to learn to get into it.

Help me!!

Yep. That’s what we’re all about here. Do the Master Class and see if it’s a fit. If not, just get your money back! Simple as that!

Time Is Of The Essence

This thing has been working for two years now. Yeah, we back tested it. And our R & D department won’t lose its grip on changes. But right now this thing is popping. Who knows how it will be going in a few years. Probably fine! But why not make hay when the sun is shining?

Also, these prices are giveaways. They won’t last forever. They are a right-now sale price. Don’t miss it!

Jack Of Diamonds

We just came up with this name for the pattern. We call it a U shape in our videos, but it’s more like a J, like the Jack…the Jack of Diamonds…cuz diamonds are pure value.

The repeating pattern looks like a J. Drops and jumps. Dips and pops. Let’s win with the Jack of Diamonds hack…right?

Let's see if the Master Class is for you...

First Let's Do The Snob Test:

➡️ You don’t feel like doing all that work yourself?

➡️ You want the deets?

➡️ You want to see demonstrations on discovering a pattern?

➡️ Want to learn the best Options definition?

➡️ Want to see the settings you should use?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are officially a snob

And you should do the Master Class.

“I knew this was an upsell thing!!”

...not really...

The Free Course actually gave you everything. You don’t need this. The Master Class is for people that don’t want to do the work, AKA snobs.

If that’s you, this just might be for you.

Satisfaction Guarantee

30-Day Money back

If you don't love our Master Class course then simply ask for your money back in the first 30 days!

Results not typical. For typical results see Typical Results page.

"This is the best, most affordable, and sane trading video course I have ever watched!

This will allow even a child to understand options and gain confidence that it is possible and learn how!

I am very glad I learned this and can apply it."

(Real Student)

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Day trading can be extremely risky. Day trading generally is not appropriate for someone of limited resources and limited investment or trading experience and low risk tolerance. You should be prepared to lose all of the funds that you use for day trading. In particular, you should not fund day-trading activities with retirement savings, student loans, second mortgages, emergency funds, funds set aside for purposes such as education or home ownership, or funds required to meet your living expenses. Further, certain evidence indicates that an investment of less than $50,000 will significantly impair the ability of a day trader to make a profit. Of course, an investment of $50,000 or more will in no way guarantee success.

Be cautious of claims of large profits from day trading. You should be wary of advertisements or other statements that emphasize the potential for large profits in day trading. Day trading can also lead to large and immediate financial losses.

Day trading requires knowledge of securities markets. Day trading requires in-depth knowledge of the securities markets and trading techniques and strategies. In attempting to profit through day trading, you must compete with professional, licensed traders employed by securities firms. You should have appropriate experience before engaging in day trading.

Day trading requires knowledge of a firm's operations. You should be familiar with a securities firm's business practices, including the operation of the firm's order execution systems and procedures. Under certain market conditions, you may find it difficult or impossible to liquidate a position quickly at a reasonable price. This can occur, for example, when the market for a stock suddenly drops, or if trading is halted due to recent news events or unusual trading activity. The more volatile a stock is, the greater the likelihood that problems may be encountered in executing a transaction. In addition to normal market risks, you may experience losses due to system failures.

Day trading will generate substantial commissions, even if the per trade cost is low. Day trading involves aggressive trading, and generally you will pay commissions on each trade. The total daily commissions that you pay on your trades will add to your losses or significantly reduce your earnings. For instance, assuming that a trade costs $16 and an average of 29 transactions are conducted per day, an investor would need to generate an annual profit of $111,360 just to cover commission expenses.

Day trading on margin or short selling may result in losses beyond your initial investment. When you day trade with funds borrowed from a firm or someone else, you can lose more than the funds you originally placed at risk. A decline in the value of the securities that are purchased may require you to provide additional funds to the firm to avoid the forced sale of those securities or other securities in your account. Short selling as part of your day-trading strategy also may lead to extraordinary losses, because you may have to purchase a stock at a very high price in order to cover a short position.


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